Presenting our new brand: From TaxAssist to Heighten

From the 1st October our brand has evolved. We’ve grown out of TaxAssist and have turned a new page as Heighten. Over the last few months we’ve poured our hearts into re-imagining our brand so that it’s more in line with our values and vision as a firm, and speaks to the kind of clients we work with. 

Since we really enjoy being a part of our clients’ growth, we feel it’s only fair to open the door and welcome you to be a part of ours. 

Uplifting your accounting experience

We chose the name, Heighten, for our firm to represent our commitment to continual improvement, both in business and in life.  We aim to help our team and our clients find the balance needed to reach new peak, by providing the right accounting tools. 

Balance is really important to us here at Heighten. 

This really is about more than just the numbers to us. Everyone deserves to have balance in life – body, mind and soul. We understand that to achieve true balance, we need to honour all three areas equally. We don’t want you to work too hard for too little reward. 

Our clients’ journey will start where they are now and focus on where they want to go. We’ll target the issues that are causing your business to be off balance – whether it be a tax return, a process that doesn’t work, even a personal issue. 

On our new home page we ask the most important question: What’s getting in your way?

  • Lack of time?
  • Lack of expertise?
  • Lack of a plan?

We’re here to uncover these areas, and ask you what your aspirations are, so we can make the necessary changes to help you achieve them. 

We hope our new logo grows on you

Because it’s all about your growth! 

When you look at the word, you can see the G in Heighten is an arrow which points towards the H to symbolise the start of your growth, and the H itself is scaling. Since our logo is a focal point of our visual identity, we wanted to heighten your experience from the get go. 

We’re going to help you grow your business at the pace that suits you best, but also improve the daily running of your business and make everything a little more beautiful. 

Our new brand was created with our values at the forefront 

These are the principles on which we stand, and how we do business. These are the values we see mirrored in the clients we work with too. 


We’re not out of touch professionals who speak in jargon. We speak the same way our clients do – keeping it simple and always making sure there’s clarity. 


Integrity is about more than just being honest, it’s about having strength of character. We work with people who want to navigate this world as responsible citizens. 


What help would you hope to have? We’re always seeking to understand other people’s needs and put ourselves in their shoes. 


The welfare of our team is on our heart. We don’t believe growth to be exclusive to our clients, we’re committed to helping our team develop personally too. 

We genuinely care about your business

It excites us to help you get unstuck and find balance in your life. 

We want you to be able to do all the things on your dream plan and afford the lifestyle you want. To have the nice house, the family car, savings in the bank for your kids’ education. We want you to take that family holiday! To have a long term plan for your business, and to show you how it can serve you in your working life and retirement. 

Let us help you reach new peaks.

See more of our new look at 

Come and see us (when you can) at one of our two locations:

  • Palmers Green at 84 Aldermans Hill 
  • Walthamstow at 390 Hoe Street

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