Are you working too hard for too little reward?

Helping you become a Happy Business Owner by managing your business accounting.

Hassle Free Accounting

Heighly Experienced Team

Happy Business Owners

Do you struggle with:

  • Day to day accounting
  • It is taking too much time and you don’t know ‘who’ to delegate
  • Struggle bringing numbers in Real Time to make informed business decisions
  • Don’t have a dedicated advisor who knows numbers
  • You set up the business with a dream of Financial Freedom but where is it?
  • There’s never enough time or money for the important things in life, like family, hobbies and your health.

How You Achieve Happiness in Business


Know Your Number

Heighten Tools provide you your key numbers on your fingertips. Why do they need? Because it helps them making all the financial & important business decision – importance of KPIs is kind of understood phenomena.


Take Your Business To New Peaks

You will have a dedicated accountant who understands your business needs and is always there to help you to ‘take you to the new peaks’ of business growth.


Financial Freedom

Becoming Heighten clients give you an access to a team of Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers and 15+ industry experts who are eager to support your business and personal financial aspirations.

We get it – Getting stuck with day to day accounting can be frustrating

Working with Heighten will solve your Cash Flow issues. Having more cash in business means having greater financial security, reduce stress of paying bills and wages, better rewards and life for you, more funds to reinvest.

An excellent, trustworthy and honest service.

So glad I found this wonderful accounting firm to take away the anxiety.

George Stylianou

MD – Home GP Maintenance

Packages & Investment

Base Camp

From £197 per month

We will prepare and review your account and tax reports, Deal with HMRC correspondence, set up cloud book keeping and report areas for improvement. This service package includes the basic -strong foundation you need.


From £317 per month

You’ll get all the perks of Base Camp, but we’ll also include tax minimisaition service, Profit review, Business, Data quality, Payroll and VAT health checks. You will be protected as you grow.


From £567 per month

You’ll have personalised benchmarking reports and advanced analysis, helping you through hard time sessions and we will track your progress you need to reach the highest possible peaks and become happily successful business.

How it Works


Book a Call:

We’ll discuss your specific needs, and let you know how we can help you best. You are welcome to visit our lovely offices, have a video meeting or if it’s more convenient, we will come to you.

Get a custom plan:

We’ll discuss our bespoke proposal with you and then send it to you to look through. This will summarise what we have talked about in the initial meeting, our recommendations and a value based fixed fee. This step sets out the understanding of what you tell us you need. No surprises – you’ll know exactly what your investment with us will be.

Achieve your desired happiness in business:

We will allocate a dedicated Client Manager from one of our qualified accountants who will look after your statutory reporting, help you on a regular basis for any accounting queries and provide business growth advice to help you achieve work-life balance.

Plan for your future instead of only measuring your past numbers.

We take life balance seriously and strive to impact not only your business life but your personal life as well, because we know they are integrated.

We listen to your financial and lifestyle goals and design a plan to keep you accountable and motivated, so you can grow and improve your financial systems at the right time with the right people.

Discover your work-life balance with a focused plan and the right tools to become a happy business owner.