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Nadeem Iqbal


As CEO, Nadeem’s goal is to inspire others to create a business that gives them the freedom to put their life and family first, and to make a positive difference in the world. This is what Heighten was built for. He is passionate about bringing innovation to the accounting profession, and it means the world to him when clients put their life balance first – so they can spend time with their family. In fact, in-house clients are not called ‘clients’ – they are affectionately known as the Heighten Family.

When he’s not working on the business, Nadeem keeps himself balanced by being at the gym, cycling, watching movies, writing or spending time with his family. He is proud to be able to help many people in need through his charitable activities.

Things Nadeem couldn’t live without: Books – Exercise – Family – Charitable activities – music and poetry


Michael Eracleous

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Michael describes his role as “facilitating and empowering a vibrant enthusiastic team to change clients lives”. As the go-to person for mentoring, he spends most of his time with the Heighten team and loves their get-it-done attitude. He takes great satisfaction in seeing the team progress in their careers and in turn helping the clients progress in their business.

When he’s not with the team or the clients, Michael is probably out walking his dog. He’s also a passionate leader outside of work, and is proud to have been voted Chairman of his Church.

Things Michael couldn’t live without – Family – Something to do – Activity – Food – Water


Nazanin Hakimi

Operations Manager

Nazanin joined the Heighten team because she shared the same aspiration and passion for what a modern day business advisory firm should look like. In her day to day she’s responsible for staff well-being, making sure the team operates in the most conducive environment to produce excellent results for Heighten’s clients. This makes her the go-to person on the team for a solution when an internal issue arises.

Outside of work, Nazanin enjoys painting and is proud to have had her work exhibited at a few galleries over the years. But she can mostly be found spending quality time with family members and socialising with friends.

Things Nazanin couldn’t live without: Family – Friends – Daily structure tasks List – Water – Food


Giusy Popolo

Administration & HR

Giusy takes care of HR for Heighten, and truly believes that the most important element of any firm is their people. This often means she is found helping the team by taking tasks off their shoulders, ensuring they feel supported on a day to day basis. The thing she loves most about her co-workers is how they are always willing to help each other, and see each other as a family.

It comes as no surprise that Guisy loves looking after her family and friends. She’s no stranger to a fun activity with her little ones and is most proud of being a mother.

Things Giusy couldn’t live without: My daughter – Coffee – Going out for long walks in nature – Netflix – My cat


Lavinia Ciurea

Tax Advisor

Lavinia joined the Heighten team in 2010 and was attracted by the diversity of the team and client base, and, and the opportunities to learn everything from A-Z. As Client Manager, she enjoys solving tax issues and finding a fix for client problems. Getting rid of client’s stress is Lavinia’s number one priority, as she says their happiness and appreciation is her fuel for continuing to do her job.

When she’s not at work, you can find Lavinia working out or reading, but she’s most proud of passing all her tax exams, because she’s achieved the life-style she dreamt of.

Things Lavinia couldn’t live without: Training – Freedom – Friends


Mohammed Kamrul Aziz

Client Manager

As Client Manager, Mohammed spends his time interacting with clients and managing and developing a small team. A numbers enthusiast, he’s passionate about solving problems and gets satisfaction from knowing his clients are confident in their accounts and tax affairs. Joining the Heighten team in 2021, Mohammed welcomed the opportunity to contribute towards company growth and be a key part of a friendly and supportive team.

When he’s not behind the desk, you’ll mostly find Mohammed socialising with family and friends, or binge watching a football match or movie. Being a positive influence on others and supporting friends and family is his number one passion.

Things Mohammed couldn’t live without: Friends/Family – Phone – Music – Food – Internet


Atiq Rehman

Client Manager

Atiq became a part of Heighen in 2017 and is the firm’s go-to person for Personal Tax. His favourite thing about his clients is how friendly and respectful they are, and he says helping clients and sorting out their problems is what truly motivates him. Atiq loves being part of the Heighten team because of it’s collaborative nature, so it’s no surprise that the part of his job he enjoys the most is bringing smiles to clients and co-workers faces.

When he’s not at work, Atiq is happy at home, naming his family as his proudest achievement.

Things Atiq couldn’t live without: Family – Work – Learning New Skills – Friends – Entertainment


Carla Cefala

Client Manager

For Carla, being an Accountant and working in the professional service sector has always been her life goal. She joined Heighten in 2011 because she felt aligned with the values of the firm, appreciating the importance put on helping clients as well as developing the team’s personal growth. She brings to Heighten a passion for the profession, and enthusiasm for the variety of tasks her role requires.

Outside of work, Carla has the same passion for family life, and when she’s not spending time with the family, she’s mostly cooking.

Things Carla couldn’t live without: Breathing – Water – Food – Clothes – Shelter


Hansala Mannanayake

Client Manager

Hansala finds her role as an Accountant a fulfilling job because it allows her to truly help the clients who put their trust in Heighten for support. The thing she most loves about her clients is the genuine appreciation they have when they’re freed from the stress of dealing with accounts and tax responsibilities. Though her day to day is mostly spent preparing and submitting client’s accounts and tax returns, Hansala is the go-to person for Payroll queries.

When she’s not at work, Hansala is spending time with her friends and family – the thing she’s most passionate about in life.

Things Hansala couldn’t live without: – Phone – Internet – Music – Family – Friends


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